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AFAM is an industry training advisory body (ITAB) committed to working with the agriculture, food and animal management sectors in NSW to understand their vocational education and training (VET) needs and challenges. AFAM is supported and funded by the NSW Government to provide industry-led advice about VET and skills related matters.

AFAM works with the following industries in NSW:

  • Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management
  • Animal Care and Management
  • Meat Processing (supported by MINTRAC, the Meat Industry National Training Advisory Council)
  • Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical
  • Racing and Breeding
  • Aquaculture and Wild Catch

AFAM has established networks and committees to work with industry in many different ways to gather and analyse information, including:

  • meeting with industry to listen, learn and provide information about programs and funding
  • attendances at events, industry forums and field days
  • coordination of biannual industry training advisory committees
  • promotion of NSW Government programs
  • project work in collaboration with project partners
  • a monthly newsletter about programs, funding and sector news.

Please contact our NSW based Executive Officer, Jess Cleary, to provide input and feedback on the skills and training needs, challenges and opportunities for your related industry. Under the new Jobs and Skills Councils arrangement, AFAM will work with Skills Insight Jobs and Skills Council, as well as with the Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance.

AFAM’s work with industry in NSW operates independently of Skills Insight. The Jobs and Skills Council is responsible for the delivery of the ITAB contract with the NSW Department of Education and Training and manages the AFAM function separately from its other operations.


Jess Cleary

Jess Cleary, Executive Officer AFAM ITAB

Jess brings widespread experience as a stakeholder engagement and management professional to her role of Executive Officer at AFAM ITAB NSW. Jess is committed to supporting industry develop the skills of its workforce. Before joining AFAM, Jess worked in several diverse organisations, including the British Medical Association (BMA), Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Associations Forum. Her work encompassed working with committees and, most recently, supported BMA’s governance and diversity and inclusion committees during significant organisational change. Jess holds a Bachelor of Business, major in management.

Phone 0402 128 312
Email [email protected]
Postal Address PO box 329, EDGECLIFF, 2027

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What is an ITAB?

Industry training advisory bodies (ITABs) are autonomous bodies recognised and funded by state and territory governments as one of the key sources of advice from industry on training matters. They are a crucial source of business intelligence and inform state and territory governments in a variety of ways. Australian states and territories have varying names for ITABs, such as Industry Advisory Groups (IAGs) in Victoria and Industry Training councils (ITCs) in Western Australia.

NSW ITABs provide streamlined advice to the NSW Department of Education on the training and skill needs of their NSW industry sectors to facilitate workforce development. They work collaboratively with other relevant state, territory and commonwealth stakeholders in the sharing of information on industry training and skills needs in NSW.

The department and other organisations with an interest in skills, work closely with all the ITABs in NSW, relying on their timely and professional advice on industry skills needs and priorities. This includes work on training packages, product development and identification of training delivery issues. ITABs also provide informed advice on regional interests and diversity needs.

A key role for ITABs in NSW is the promotion and support of the NSW Smart and Skilled program, which is the central program for vocational education and training in NSW and is also the vehicle for delivering fee free courses. The Smart and Skilled program aims to help people get qualifications for in-demand skills and industries, and often serves as a launch point for industry entrants.

Read more about the role of NSW Industry Training Advisory Bodies (ITABs) on the NSW Government website.

Industry Training Advisory Committees (ITACs)

The following ITACs have been established in NSW by AFAM to provide regular industry intelligence and insights. The ITACs meet twice per year to discuss skills needs, industry challenges and workforce development opportunities. ITACs also provide valuable feedback on the suitability of NSW based Apprenticeships and Traineeships including Schools based Apprenticeship and Traineeships (SBATs).

  • Agriculture and Production Horticulture ITAC
  • Amenity Horticulture, Landscaping, and Conservation and Land Management ITAC
  • Animal Care and Management ITAC (Including Racing and Breeding)
  • Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Processing ITAC

The aquaculture and wild catch and meat processing industries are engaged through existing and established informal networks that these industries already have in place in NSW and AFAM ITAB works collaboratively with these networks to provide industry advice.

AFAM is supported and funded by the NSW Government.