Skills Insight is deeply committed to helping close the gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  

In our work to improve skills and training across the agribusiness, fibre, furnishing, food, animal and environment care industries, we aim to support employment opportunities, facilitate access to education and training, and foster economic participation for First Nations communities. We want to identify and address systemic and entrenched inequality, or influence change. We recognise that many of the industries we work with are responsible for caring for Australia’s land, sea, flora and fauna – something that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have been developing skills and knowledge about for thousands of years. Where Elders consent, we hope to bring these advanced skills and knowledge into the practices, trades and occupations we cover, recognised in formal training. With the majority of Australia’s land and sea subject to some form of Native Title, First Nations ecosystem management will be critical to efforts to reach net zero and achieve improved agribusiness outcomes. 

We are committed to identifying skills challenges and opportunities that specifically impact First Nations communities and engaging with relevant organisations and individuals to support the best outcomes for First Nations people.  

Through targeted initiatives and collaborative partnerships with First Nations stakeholders, we aim to create more equitable and accessible pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals to secure meaningful employment and acquire essential skills for workforce participation. 

Closing the Gap is an ongoing priority for Skills Insight as a Jobs and Skills Council and your input is encouraged and welcomed. We are keen to explore and support initiatives that are First Nations led, whether they help close the gap, support empowerment and economic development, create better access to high quality training, or change the ways work is currently done to improve outcomes.

We are here to listen to the voices and aspirations of First Nations people and work in ways that foster collaboration and partnerships and meet their needs. 

If you are aware of existing programs, issues or opportunities which would benefit from our support, please get in touch with Michelle Ingley-Smith on 08 8151 1001  or at [email protected]

Closing the Gap and JSCs 

The Closing the Gap initiative is a National Agreement developed in partnership between Australian Governments and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peak organisations. It aims to overcome the entrenched inequality faced by too many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people so that their life outcomes are equal to all Australians.  

Jobs and Skills Councils have specifically been listed as part of the Government’s action plan for Closing the Gap in the Commonwealth Closing the Gap 2023 Annual Report and 2024 Implementation Plan.  

The JSC program is a key part of the Government’s strategy to Closing the Gap in outcomes relating to further education and economic development (outcomes 6, 7 and 8): 

  • Outcome 6: Students reach their full potential through further education pathways  
  • Outcome 7: Young people are engaged in employment or education  
  • Outcome 8: Strong economic participation. 

Image credit: Parks Australia