Any comments or feedback you make will remain anonymous. Each user will be assigned a unique ID number. Only Skills Insight staff and contractors working directly on the project will be able to identify users against their unique IDs. This is so we can ensure the authenticity of comments and feedback, and follow-up with further engagement where required. Of course, you are welcome to type your name in any of your comments if you wish to. For further information, please read Skills Insight’s Privacy Policy. The Feedback Hub is moderated in order to keep the discussion flowing and to remove any offensive material. For further details, please read Skills Insight’s Moderation Policy. For the best user experience, we encourage you to use Firefox, Chrome or Edge browsers.

View the document in full screen mode for a clearer view. Click the icon that looks like this: 

Open these instructions in a new tab or window

(Provides the option the print the instructions out, or have them open in another window, while providing feedback)

Bottom Toolbar

Create a comment

  1. Ensure the ‘All Comments On/Off’ button is turned on (i.e. highlighted orange).
  2. Click ‘Provide Comment’ button on the bottom toolbar.
  3. You have three options for making a comment:
    • Select the ‘Point’ tool and click at the specific point in the document you wish to make a comment.
    • Select the ‘Highlight’ tool and highlight the specific word or phrase you would like to comment on.
    • There is also a default option for making general comments, i.e. that don’t relate to a specific word, phrase or point in the document. By clicking the ‘Provide Comment’ button and then hovering your mouse over the document you will see a little yellow note icon appear. You can then click anywhere on the page to make a general comment.
  4. Type your comment in the free text box that will pop up for each option.
  5. Click anywhere on the document to save your comment.
  6. To create a new comment, please follow the process again, selecting the ‘Provide Comment’ button on the bottom toolbar.

Delete your comment

  1. Click on the comment you wish to delete.
  2. Press “Delete” in the bottom toolbar.

Move comments

  • Click and drag a comment by clicking on its border. Please keep the comment in a relevant place to the document.
  • You can move your own comments as well as other peoples’ comments. If there are many comments that are restricting your view of the document, please click the “Show Other Users On/Off” button in the bottom toolbar.

Show/hide comments

  • Click “All Comments On/Off” to show or hide all of your comments on the page.
  • Click “Show Other Users On/Off” to hide comments from other users.
  • This function supports stakeholders that would like to see a clear view of the document in their own session. It does not result in the comments being hidden permanently.

Exiting the document and moving on to review another document

  • Each draft document will open in a new tab or window on your device.
  • Once you have finished commenting on a document you can close the tab or window and your comments will be saved.
  • To review and comment on another document, please refer to the original tab or window and select from the lists of documents.

For Consensus Gathering Stage Only

Documents are often uploaded for comment after broad stakeholder feedback has been received and considered as part of the ‘Broad Consultation’ stage. After reading the revised draft, please respond to the question: “Do you support this document moving on to the final stages of the project?”

  • If you select “Yes” your response will be recorded immediately. You are welcome to also provide a comment.
  • If you select “Yes – with minor modifications” or “No – do not support” you must also provide a comment explaining your response. Once you have provided a comment your response will be successfully submitted.
  • To provide a comment, please follow the instructions outlined under ‘Create a comment’.
  • If you change your mind, that is no problem. You are welcome to change your response.

At the ‘Broad Consultation’ stage there is no question to respond to at the top. Please provide feedback about the document by posting comments, as outlined under ‘Create a comment’.

Top Toolbar

Print, layout and zoom, full-screen mode and search functionality…

At the top of the document is a toolbar which gives you control over display, zoom, search and full-screen mode, much like you’d expect from a standard document editor. Hover your mouse over the icons to discover their functionality. The search functionality searches the content of the PDF, but not the content of feedback notes. The search functionality works best in full-screen mode. Full-screen mode is also useful for viewing any user comments that appear outside of the document frame.