A Workforce Plan has been developed to guide Skills Insight’s projects, activities and operations as a JSC. Informed by desktop research and industry intelligence, it describes workforce challenges and opportunities across the industries we work with and proposes strategies to address them.

As the first edition of this annual JSC product, it is still in an early stage of its evolution, and we expect the 2024 edition to be more comprehensive. Your feedback is vital to its success as a guiding document for the JSC.

The draft Workforce Plan is now available for your review and feedback. Your feedback will inform the first edition draft that will be submitted to the Department in mid- July. Your ongoing comments are encouraged at any time and will guide future planning. It is a living document and one that will undergo continual development. 

We want to hear whether the Workforce Plan reflects your real-world experiences, so we can come up with effective skills and training solutions.

Get in touch anytime to have your say.

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Cover page of Skills Insight JSC Workforce Plan for 2023