Skills Insight is excited to begin work as a Jobs and Skills Council (JSC), contributing to an ambitious new program to strengthen Australia’s VET system. Minister for Skills and Training Brendan O’Connor and Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Murray Watt announced the establishment at the end of May.

The JSC Program strives for a holistic approach, with collaboration across all ten JSCs and all parts of the skills system, broadening and deepening the reach from the previous program.

Our role as a JSC is to support strategic industry leadership and undertake research activities looking at skills and workforce challenges, with a specific focus on improving the VET system and industry participation in it. Together with our partner organisations ForestWorks and MINTRAC, we will work with stakeholders to take a wide view of skills issues and potential solutions to improve outcomes for industry, learners, trainers and employers.

Skills Insight is privileged to be able to work with a group of industries that are crucial to Australia’s society, ecosystems and prosperity. The unique skills of these diverse industries contribute to the wellbeing of our land and water bodies; our wildlife, stock, and pets; as well as producing products for our own wellbeing and that of our communities.

We actively recognise the diversity of all our stakeholders, including small and niche industries and those based in rural, regional and remote communities, as well as First Nations people, people with a disability, migrants, and women in non-traditional trades.

We are dedicated to working with you to investigate unique opportunities and challenges for skills and training in your sector.

If you would like to be involved in finding potential solutions to national skills and training challenges, we encourage you to become a Skills Insight Member through your organisation.

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