Work is underway on three new projects in the agriculture, horticulture, conservation and ecosystem management (AHC) industry. You are encouraged to get involved at any stage.

Rural Operations Project

The Certificate II in Rural Operations is used to provide learners with the foundational skills required for roles in rural and regional industries. 

Research is taking place to identify the intended job roles attainable upon completion of the qualification and to assess how the unique needs of the learners and workplaces that require these skills can be better met in future.

RTOs that have the qualification on their scope of registration are being invited to complete a short questionnaire designed to collect information on how they use the qualification. Key stakeholders in livestock production, broadacre cropping and land management have also been invited to take part in a consultation workshop during April. The workshops will include workforce functional analysis to identify and/or confirm entry level job roles and job tasks in these sectors, and other workforce outcomes/pathways employers consider relevant to the qualification. If you are interested in contributing, please contact Tom Vassallo [email protected] by 31 March 2024.

  • Katherine, NT – Tue 9 April  
  • Broome, WA – Thu 11 April  
  • Toowoomba, QLD – Tue 16 April  
  • Brisbane, QLD – Wed 17 April  
  • Patterson, NSW – Fri 19 April
  • Online Meeting – Tue 23 April 

For more information, visit the project page

Livestock Operations Project

Over 123,000 people contribute their skills and knowledge to Australia’s livestock industry. As industry continues to adopt new technologies and practices, it is important the national skills standards are regularly reviewed so learners are equipped with the current skills required. 

This project continues the full review of the agriculture, horticulture and conservation and land management (AHC) training package to bring it up to date with current work methods and skills needs.   

Consultation will take place throughout this project to revise 70 units and one qualification, AHC33316 Certificate III in Feedlot Operations, relating to the livestock industry. 

Input from employees, employers and trainers with relevant experience is encouraged so that updates reflect how work is currently performed in the industry. 

For more information, visit the project page

Shearing and Wool Classing Project

Shearers, wool handlers, and classers possess unique skills in animal behaviour and handling techniques, working quickly and consistently, and maintaining safe work practices. It is important that updates to technology and compliance requirements are reflected in the national qualifications for this work.  

This project is part of the continued work to review the entire agriculture, horticulture and conservation and land management (AHC) training package to bring it up to date with current work methods and skills needs.   

Feedback is encouraged throughout this project to review and update six qualifications and 34 units relating to shearing, wool handling and wool classing. They will be reviewed to better reflect the skill level of the tasks described and the skills required by industry.  

For more information, visit the project page

A Note for RTOs: