Based on our interaction with industry and the VET sector, Skills Insight has identified potential activities and projects to help address skills and workforce needs and challenges as outlined in the initial Workforce Plan. These projects have been submitted to the Department of Employment and Workforce Relations (DEWR) for their consideration and approval.

Next Stage of the AMP Meat Processing Training Package Review

This project is a continuation of the project work in 2022 to update the AMP Training Package so that it is reflective of current industry skills requirements, compliant to training standards and ready for any future qualifications reform. Stage 2 will focus on three Certificate II meat processing qualifications in Food Services, Abattoirs and Meat Retailing.  

Next Stage of the AHC Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package Review 

These projects are proposed as part of a broader program of work to improve the AHC training package, which has been following a staged ‘unit sector’ approach to revisions since 2019:  

  • Feedlot units
  • Rural operations units
  • Shearing and wool units.

Low enrolment research 

It is often assumed that a qualification with low or no enrolments is no longer needed or important, but this is not always the case. This project will explore multiple stakeholder perspectives around low or no enrolment qualifications to understand the causes, particularly when there is an industry need for the training.

Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and employer connections 

It can be difficult for employers to know what training is available or can become available to them, and for RTOs to know where there is demand for students to be trained. This project will explore options to connect employers with RTOs, to improve visibility of training demand. It will be piloted in the racing and breeding industry with an aim to develop a deep understanding of the barriers that hinder access to RTOs for vocational training within the industry. 

Meat Safety Induction (Agribusiness Safety Induction Pilot) 

Discussion at the Agriculture Workforce Working Group (AWWG) convened by the Federal Minister for Agriculture in March 2023 raised the need to improve workplace safety through improved training. The AWWG wanted to test that establishing a nationally consistent, voluntary induction training program, piloted in the meat processing industry may assist in lifting industry standards. This is the driver behind a national meat industry safety induction pilot program for the Ag sector.

National training and assessment materials for meat processing 

Nationally consistent training and assessment materials can contribute to supporting learner access to consistent assessments and training resources. This can help address inequalities based on geographical location or other factors and help promote equal opportunities for all. This project will look at what is involved in the provision of nationally consisting training and assessment materials via a pilot in the meat processing industry.