Three new projects relating to the Australian Meat Industry have commenced. Two have had webpages developed to provide more information and one is on the way. Input is encouraged from all stakeholders through the projects. There will be various opportunities to have a say – over the phone, in workshops, through email or the online feedback hub.

These projects are being managed by MINTRAC as part of their collaborative partnership with Skills Insight. MINTRAC has a strong history working with the Australian meat processing industry on skills and training solutions and are receiving Commonwealth funding under the Jobs and Skills Council Program to deliver the project in partnership with Skills Insight.

Essential Meat Processing Skills Project

Entrants to Australia’s meat processing industry require foundational skills to prepare quality meat products hygienically and safely. It is important that the Australian Meat Processing (AMP) Training Package remains up to date so that learners can access these essential skills that are used in the industry every day.

This project continues previous work to fully review the Australian Meat Processing (AMP) Training Package with a focus on the essential skills that are outlined in the Certficate II level qualifications, which support accredited training pathways for new entrants.

Three Certificate II qualifications and the units of competency within them will be reviewed:

  • Certificate II Meat Processing (Food Services)
  • Certificate II Meat Processing (Abattoirs)
  • Certificate II Meat Processing (Meat Retailing)

If you are a meat processing employer or employee, we would like to hear from you.

For more information on the project and how to get involved, visit the project page

Meat Safety Induction Pilot

During the first meetings of the Agriculture Workforce Working Group (AWWG) it was proposed that investigations take place into what a safety induction program could look like for agriculture and related industries.

As a result, this project is taking place with the meat industry as a pilot to explore potential models and develop a safety induction program. The aim is to produce a program to provide workers entering the industry with foundational capabilities in safety, which will in turn support national consistency in safety skills across the industry. 

For more information on the project and how to get involved, visit the project page

Coming soon: National Training and Assessment Materials for Meat Processing

This project aims to update training and assessment materials for the meat processing industry, so that they are nationally consistent and reflect current industry standards, promoting equal opportunities in learner access to resources and assessments.

A project webpage is being developed and will be available soon. In the meantime, you are welcome to contact project manager Kate Webster [email protected]