The following projects are in the Development stage. At this stage the project teams are engaging with stakeholders to gather further information and begin investigating potential solutions. 

These projects are also being managed with the support of MINTRAC, as part of their collaborative partnership with Skills Insight. 

Worker Safety Induction Pilot

This project is exploring potential models for developing a safety induction program to be piloted in the meat processing industry. To help guide the project, a steering committee has been established, made up of industry experts, training providers and the union. 

The project team are undertaking desktop research into how safety induction is currently managed in the meat industry. 

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Training Support Materials for Meat Safety Project

The training support materials used to deliver the Certificates III and IV in Meat Safety Inspection are currently being reviewed to incorporate the provisions of the new Australian Standard A4696 Hygienic Production and Transportation of Meat and Meat Products for Human Consumption and the revised version of the AMIC Industry Animal Welfare Standard.

The training support materials are being developed in consultation with a Subject Matter Expert Working Group and the project team are currently in the final stages of their initial review. 

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