Thank you for participating in the Ag Trade Apprenticeship Project

Research is underway into the dynamics of a trade apprenticeship in agriculture to help attract new entrants and promote career pathways in agriculture. Those with experience as trainers, employers or employees in the industry are encouraged to provide input.

Thank you to those who have provided feedback to date via in-person and online consultation sessions, a survey, interviews, emails and phone calls. Your feedback will be used to inform a report that will be submitted at the conclusion of this project.

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AHC Improvements Project in Finalisation Stage

Feedback has been collected on placement of recently updated units within qualifications and skill sets across the agriculture, horticulture, conservation and ecosystem management training package.

Trainers, learners and the broader industry will soon have access to updated qualifications and skill sets that contain units reflective of the latest technology, systems and regulations, and skills in biosecurity, environmental sustainability, quality assurance and work health and safety.

The qualifications and skill sets have moved into the finalisation stage, which involves internal checks and submission to the Training Package Assurance Body. Thank you to those who have participated in this project to date. Your input will help support future learners, trainers, and industry as a whole. 

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Draft Tree Felling Units in Finalisation Stage

Consultation has taken place throughout this project to review three forest and wood products units which are used in a range of environments that manual tree felling skills are required, including in arboriculture and agricultural settings. 

Based on feedback from relevant stakeholders, the units have been updated to address difficulties accessing trees for assessment, while also supporting the safety and competence of learners. 

The final draft units of competency, qualifications and Consultation Log have been sent to the Senior Responsible Officers for their consideration and to seek their support for submission to the Training Package Assurance Body. 

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