Nationally endorsed training in wood machining is currently available through the furnishing qualification MSF30322 Certificate III in Cabinet Making and Timber Technology with a specialisation in wood machining and the forest and wood products qualification FWP31121 Certificate III in Wood Machining.

Feedback from some stakeholders has indicated that the title of the furnishing qualification might be confused for a qualification in cabinet making, which could cause issues for employers, trainers and learners. There were also concerns about the reduction of available wood machining specific units in recent years and whether future graduates would be competent in wood machining specific skills. 

Skills Insight is undertaking a research project and will produce a report outlining the complexities of the issue. It will include background information on how the Certificate III in Cabinet Making and Timber Technology came to be, an overview of how both qualifications are being used, a summary of stakeholder opinions, what would be involved if there were to be changes to the Certificate III in Cabinet Making and Timber Technology, and any potential solutions. 

For more information, visit the project page