The Workforce Plan is a key document that underpins our projects, activities and operations as a JSC. It draws on desktop research and stakeholder intelligence to describe workforce challenges and opportunities across the industries we work with and proposes strategies to address them. It is shared with governments, Jobs and Skills Australia, State and Territory Training Authorities, RTOs and Regulators.

Workforce planning is a continual process. Your comments are encouraged at any time and will inform future iterations of the Workforce Plan.

Thank you to all those who have already provided feedback. Your contributions will be valuable in shaping the next version of the Workforce Plan, currently under development. The draft has undergone a thorough review by the Department of Employment and Workforce Relations, who have provided essential feedback to guide the iterative improvement of the document’s structure and content, particularly on how data and workforce insights may be presented.

2023 marks the inaugural year of this annual JSC product, with plans to make it more comprehensive in 2024.

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