Research and Insights Manager

Niall has extensive experience in academic, not-for-profit, and local government research, as well as in registered training organisation (RTO) process and data management. He specialises in designing and delivering projects that meet the needs of a range of stakeholders and strategic objectives.
Niall will support Skill Insight’s evidence-based decision-making by managing the collection and analysis of literature and data on industry and VET. This will facilitate the broader capability of utilising nationally available data alongside local intelligence gained from stakeholders to monitor and forecast industry trends and training delivery outcomes.

Niall’s skills across multiple research methodologies enables the identification of appropriate qualitative and quantitative methods, including interviews, focus groups and surveys, for analysing complex social, economic, and political processes. This includes ensuring that projects are representative of diverse stakeholders and that the intelligence gained can be used by governments, industry, and other stakeholders to drive process improvement and change.

Niall has a PhD, Master of Research and Master of Arts in Human Geography. Niall has recently completed professional development through Leadership Victoria (Leader Evolution program) and the Centre for Cultural Competence Australia (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Competence course).