Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) play a key role in Australia’s skills system and contribute significantly to the productivity of our economies and communities. RTOs support industry in developing a workforce that has the skills required to get work done safely and efficiently. Through RTOs, learners can access hands on skills that prepare them for real-world jobs, providing a pathway to employment and recognition of their expertise. This has impacts on the whole of society who interact with and receive services and goods from individuals who’ve engaged with the VET system.

To help RTOs continue their important work, Skills Insight will provide support to improve training and assessment practices.

In consultation with training providers, trainers, assessors and employers we will develop learning materials and other resources to help meet workforce and skills needs. Through this work, we aim to foster a greater connection between delivery of training and the national training products and promote longer-term workforce development.

The industries Skills Insight service have a large proportion of the workforce located regional, rural and remote locations with students are spread over a broad geographic range. We are particularly focused on solutions to make training accessible for skills and occupation needs in these thin markets.

We have spent the last seven years working together under SSO arrangements to improve training packages and now we have the opportunity to expand our approach to address broader challenges.

RTOs who would like to be part of Skills Insight’s work are encouraged to apply for associate membership.

Together, we look forward to investigating solutions that support the following needs:

  • training delivery and assessment meets employer and learner needs
  • career pathways are mapped and promoted
  • implementation issues can be dealt in a timely and appropriate manner
  • the impact of training is monitored.

If you’re from an RTO within our industry coverage and have feedback or a question about how we can help with training delivery, please get in touch