Executive Manager Operations

Wayne is a highly experienced and dedicated professional with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in management and leadership. With a background of 24 years in the Royal Air Force (RAF), Wayne has honed his skills in managing projects and teams and training, leading individuals to success.

Following Wayne’s service in the RAF, he transitioned into the private sector, taking on the role of Senior Project Manager for companies such as ANZ, NAB, PEXA and Skills Impact. Working for Skills Impact, Wayne’s responsibilities over the years grew from being responsible for all the training package projects to operations across the company, which included working with the CEO and finance manager on budgeting and reporting to the board on all operational matters. Wayne was part of the group tasked with overseeing the company’s strategic direction and the successful bid to become a Jobs and Skills Council for the agribusiness sector. Wayne has a Master of Business Administration, a Certificate in Education (Further Adult and Higher Education), a Diploma in Business and a Diploma in eLearning.