Register for Consultation Workshops

Research is underway into the dynamics of a trade apprenticeship in agriculture to help attract new entrants and promote career pathways . 

In person and online workshops will be held across the country during October and November to discuss various options for an apprenticeship model. 

We invite and encourage those with experience as trainers, employers or employees in the industry to register and provide input into how an agricultural apprenticeship could work.

To register for a workshop that suits you, visit the project page

Still Time to Have Your Say

Some of the core skills for work across the agriculture, horticulture, conservation and ecosystem management (AHC) sector have been revised as part of recent projects, bringing them in line with changes in technology, systems and regulations, as well as updated skills in biosecurity, environmental sustainability, quality assurance and work health and safety.

As these units appear in many places across the training package, several qualifications and skill sets that were not part of the original projects need to be updated to incorporate the updated units.

Your feedback is encouraged on the proposed updates to the qualifications and skill sets, so that any implications can be considered. Draft documents are available for your comment via surveys until 6 October 2023.

To view the proposed changes and have your say, visit the project page

Technical Committee Engaging in Workshops

A project is underway to review three forest and wood products units which describe the skills for felling trees with a chainsaw at a basic, intermediate and advanced level.

These units are used in a range of environments in which manual tree felling skills are required, including in arboriculture and agricultural settings. 

Feedback from some registered training organisations (RTOs) has indicated the number of trees required at each unit level is a barrier to training as they are difficult to source. A survey was conducted from 7 to 11 August to gain deeper insights into these challenges.

The project’s technical committee will be engaging in a sequence of workshops exploring effective teaching strategies that highlight best practices, with particular attention to safety and tree efficiency.

Draft units and relevant documentation will then be available on the project page for your feedback.

To download the full report on the survey results and find out more about the common themes and possible solutions, visit the project page