Industry Skills Australia is currently undertaking a project to review the Maritime Training Package so that it aligns with a new maritime regulation known as Marine Order 505 (Certificates of competency – National Law).

As a result of this project, several maritime units that are used in aquaculture, fishing, and conservation and ecosystem management qualifications are being updated. The changes proposed at this stage of the project are minor, meaning they remain equivalent and no code change is required.  

The impacted qualifications within the agriculture, horticulture, conservation, land management (AHC) and seafood industry (SFI) training packages include:

  • Certificate III in Aquaculture (Vessel Operations specialisation)
  • Certificate III in Conservation and Ecosystem Management (Marine specialisation)
  • Certificate III in Fisheries Compliance
  • Certificate II in Fisheries Compliance Support
  • Certificate II in Fishing Operations
  • Certificate III in Fishing Operations (Vessel Operations specialisation)

You are welcome to contact Skills Insight if you have any concerns about this.

For more information, visit the Industry Skills Australia website.