Skill Insight Ltd (Skills Insight) takes all complaints and feedback seriously and acknowledges everyone’s right to express their opinion about our services.

We will provide an opportunity for concerns to be raised and addressed in ways that ensure fairness, accountability and transparency, including the areas of the training package development processes that are within the control of Skills Insight.

Complaints, as one type of feedback, provide valuable data about some aspects of Skills Insight’s services and the training package program governed by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations. We are committed to resolving complaints that are within our control at the earliest opportunity, in a way that respects and values a person’s feedback.

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • recognise stakeholder’s right to complain about their interaction with Skills Insight, the training package development process and other Skills Insight projects
  • ensure complaints are handled impartially, justly, and in a transparent manner
  • ensure complaints are received and responded to in a timely and courteous manner
  • determine and implement solutions where possible
  • record, assess and review feedback, complaints and compliments on a regular basis to ensure responsiveness and on-going commitment to service improvement.

Policy and Procedure

Definition of a complaint

For the purpose of this policy a complaint is an expression of concern, dissatisfaction or frustration with the quality or delivery of service, a policy or procedure, or the conduct of another person.

A complaint can relate to:

  • a specific occurrence or episode
  • the training package development process
  • other Skills Insight projects
  • the quality of our services.

Lodging a complaint

Stakeholders wishing to make a complaint may do so in writing or verbally, through the following options:

Information required to lodge a complaint

  • Name (first name and surname), organisation name (if relevant) and contact details (email and phone)
  • nature of your complaint/feedback.

Complaints about the training package development process will be considered and may inform advice and feedback that we provide to the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations as well as informing future project work.

In addition to contacting us, complaints about the training package development process can be made directly to the Department.

Complaint handling process

Skills Insight will:

  • acknowledge receipt of the complaint within five (5) working days
  • log your complaint in a register of complaints
  • review and investigate the complaint
  • contact the complainant and investigate options to resolve the issue
  • inform complainant of the progress of their complaint and of the final resolution
  • advise complainants the avenues for further review of their complaint, if not satisfied with any resolution offered that is in the responsibility of Skills Insight.

Record Keeping

A register of complaints will be kept by Skills Insight. The register will be maintained by the Executive Management Team and will record the following:

  • details of the complainant and the nature of the complaint
  • date lodged
  • action taken
  • date of resolution and reason for decision
  • indication of complainant being notified of outcome
  • complainant response and any further action.

Transparency of the Complaint

The complaints register and files will be accessible to Skills Insight staff. Unless you request it, the complaint will not be made public. However, the content of any complaints may be available to the Jobs and Skills Council Stakeholder Representative Forum and/or, the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.

Feedback and Amendments

Organisations change and develop over time, and so do their policies. Please contact Skills Insight if you believe that any part of this policy needs changing or updating.