In recent years, some of the core skills for work across the agriculture, horticulture, conservation and ecosystem management (AHC) sector have been revised to bring them in line with changes in technology, systems and regulations, as well as updated skills in biosecurity, environmental sustainability, quality assurance and work health and safety.

As these units appear in many places across the training package, several qualifications and skill sets that were not part of the original projects need to be updated to incorporate the updated units.

Thank you to those who provided feedback on the proposed updates to the qualifications and skill sets between 8 September to 6 October 2023. Your feedback is being used to prepare final drafts, which will be made available on the webpage for your review in the coming weeks. 

As part of this ‘validation’ stage of the project, Skills Insight will also be running two online information session to provide information about the type of feedback received during the ‘broad consultation’ phase of the project and how it was dealt with, a summary of changes (in addition to those that had already been proposed), and what’s next as we move towards finalisation stages.

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