The three units of competency  which describe the skills required for manual tree felling are currently under review as the number of trees they specify for assessment is causing a barrier for some RTOs. It is important that training in these units can be accessed by everyone who needs it, while maintaining a high standard of safety and competency for learners. 

The units have been reviewed and updated in consultation with subject matter experts and are now available for broad stakeholder feedback. 

The basic and intermediate units have been updated to reduce the number of trees required for assessment and reinforce prior skill and knowledge requirements to promote safety and competency of learners. The advanced unit has no proposed changes, with the number of trees required remaining at 6 due to the complexity and higher risk when working with trees at this level.

Your input is important so that all factors impacting the integrity and useability of the units can be considered. 

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You are welcome to register for one of three online information sessions, at which we will offer further details about changes to the units and how to provide feedback. Times in AEDT.