For the past several months Skills Insight has been working on developing our Initial Workforce Plan, a document that will guide our future work as a Jobs and Skills Council (JSC). The Workforce Plan draws on desktop research and stakeholder intelligence to describe workforce challenges and skills opportunities across the industries we work with and propose strategies to address them.

Thank you to those stakeholders who provided input on the draft Workforce Plan. All feedback has been considered and the revised document is now available to view on the Skills Insight website.

Many stakeholders contributed insights into industry skills needs, either in direct response to the draft Workforce Plan, which was made available for feedback in June, or more broadly. Your contributions are valued and will help inform our work and proposed activities. 

The Workforce Plan has been revised to expand on each industry snapshot, focussing on data from Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) and Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), including infographics and insights into the unique skills and knowledge and drivers of workforce dynamics for each of the 16 sectors identified. We have identified opportunities to improve data to support future workforce planning. Existing industry and government strategies for improving workforce skills have also been identified, with proposals for how Skills Insight and stakeholders can engage and collaborate in these areas.

This is the first edition of this annual JSC product and the 2024 edition to build on this.